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The first missionaries of the Moravian Church came to Tanzania in the late 19th century soon after Germany assumed control of the territory. The first Moravian mission station was established at Rungwe in Southern Tanzania in 1891. Another station in Western Tanzania was handed over to the Moravian Board in Herrnhut.

The need to establish cooperation between them was felt right from the beginning of their establishment. The founding missionaries had established communication through correspondence as early as 1899. Later they started meeting and exchanging experiences and the two provinces established cooperation on various matters. In 1965 it was agreed to establish formally a joint board to discuss and agree on matters common to both provinces. In 1968 the two provinces decided to establish a Moravian theological college as a joint venture for the training of ministers. In 1976 the southern province was divided into two, and the same was done with the western province in 1986. Since then the Moravian Church in Tanzania has four provinces.


MCT is a stable organization of uniting MCT’S provinces spiritually, economically and socially by bearing the best positive results.

MCT is committed to build a united family of God by proclaiming the Good news of Jesus Christ through provision of socio- economic services with integrity of creation.

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